We are aware that every action is followed by certain consequences and that is why we care for the sustainable development policy with the utmost respect.

Our aim is not only the care for the environment but also for our employees. We are convinced that the key to success lies in the positive atmosphere at workplace and that is why we treat our staff with great respect, care for their professional development, and support their personal growth. We motivate each other to remain positive and „green”. 

We focus on innovative solutions and courageously take up changes aiming at sustainable development. This year, we are to start the building of our new offices that are to draw new standards of passive buildings. More information may be found here.

The attention and care for the environment are of great importance for us. Being a part of the „green company” project, we are systematically introducing eco-solutions at our office:


  • We maximise the electronic workflow of documents while every single printed sheet is made of 100% recycled paper.
  • „Green Road”action — whenever an employee gets to work in an ecological manner (by bike for example), they receive a voucher for an activity of their choice (swimming pool, fitness). We are a company that remains open to new, interesting ideas and we are not afraid of challenges. 






Komtur cares... about people's health, people's needs and customers' values!  




To be a market leader at every single business niche we fill!