About us

Komtur Polska, as a part of an international group — Komtur Pharmaceuticals, represents fifty years of tradition on the pharmaceutical products market. We have been present on in Poland since 2005. Our actions focus on the distribution of specialised, innovative medicines for rare therapies, designed for in-patient healthcare. 


We are the leader on the market of the specialised medicines predestined for rare and ultra-rare diseases. We have had a ten-years’ experience in the import of such medicines for the named patient supply, delivering the products in cooperation with the Komtur Pharmaceuticals wholesalers across Europe, the USA, and Asia. Moreover, we supply the hospital pharmacies with foods for particular nutritional purposes. Komtur Polska is also the supplier of medicines for longterm and multistage clinical trials. We have cooperated with almost all of the pharmaceutical companies and research institutes operating in this field. We also offer Market Access services, introducing new medicines into the Polish market. We support companies as far as refund procedures are concerned and care for the safety of the pharmacotherapy.


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