Komtur Care, a part of the Komtur Polska Group, is dedicated to home care projects. We look after patients who require treatment at home.

We provide monitoring and drug therapy logistics together with full patient education and professional carer training. First in Poland, we implement the concept of home care for rare diseases patients.

Our aim is to keep vigilance over the proper treatment proceedings, to fully secure the safety of our patients and provide professional care in order to improve the quality of their life.

Komtur Care develops the range of Komtur Polska Group services such as marketing and drug promotion - for rare and ultra-rare diseases in particular and it’s meant to be huge factor in strengthening the Komtur’s brand position on the pharmaceutical market.


  „Home care” Program Services


  •  Professional nursing care for patients requiring specific medical  treatment at home;
  •  Delivery of medical equipment and other materials necessary for treatment  directly to the  patient;
  •  Permanent supervision of qualified staff;
  •  Instruction services for patients and professional trainings for dedicated      nursing staff;
  •  Full technical support for the medical equipment used within the  Programme;
  •  24/7 Hotline for patients;


  „Market access” Services


  •   Building a comprehensive strategy for drug market entrance;
  •   Marketing and promotion for pharmaceutical products;
  •   Drug sale supporting programmes;
  •   Registration services;
  •   Reimbursment support.