11th Polish Conference of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Section

We would like to invite you to the PTFarm 11th Polish Conference of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Section to be held on 17-18th November in Warsaw, in the Radisson Blue Sobieski hotel.

This year’s event is dedicated to issues related to the importance of nutritional support within chronic diseases and paliative care. About 200 pharmacists, nurses and medicians from all over Poland, as well as specialists of related science branches are expected to participate in the conference.

The first day of the event should be focused on aspects related to the siginificance of nutritional support and clinical nutrition within long-term and paliative care. During the second day, legal aspects of nutritional therapy will be discussed. The session entitled “News from hospital chemistries” which has already became a fixed agenda item, within which the pharmacists have the opportunity to share their achievements and research on development of nutritional therapies, will also be held within the conference. 





17th Polish Meeting on Oncology Pharmacy

As in the last year, Torun will host pharmacists and representatives of pharmaceutical sector on the occasion of the 17. Polish Meeting on Oncology Pharmacy. The research and training conference is planned on 23-26th October of this year and will be held in the Copernicus hotel in ul. Bulwar Filadelfijski 11. Together with the organiser - The Polish Pharmaceutical Society -  we would like to invite you to visit the oncology conference, as well as our stand.

The detailed agenda can be found under the following link:





1st International HAE Conference of Central and Eastern Europe

During the coming weekend, on 15-16th October 2016, the 1st International HAE Conference of Central and Eastern Europe, being at the same time the 3rd Polish Nationwide HAE Conference, will be held in Warsaw.

Representatives of 11 countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Norway, USA or Italy confirmed their participation in the event. It is a new edition of an event aimed to raise HAE awareness and develop specialistic HAE care centers as well as the availability of necessary treatment.

Komtur Polska will participate in the event, and we highly recommend visiting the conference to everyone.

Detailed information can be found under the following link:






7th September - World Duchenne Awareness Day

The third World Duchenne Awareness Day falls on the coming Wednesday, 7th September 2016. The Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disease leading to progressive and irreversible degeneration (atrophy) of muscle tissue. It is a sex linked disease - manifestated mostly in male patients. One in 3500 newborn boys in the world is affected by this rare and lethal condition.

As the last year events were focused mostly on awareness and money raising for education about this rare disease, this year the question of early diagnosis programs will be addressed: as global identification and communication of early symptoms of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a key to an early diagnosis.

More information on the Duchenne disease as well as the activities related to awareness raising about this medical condition can be found on the following website:





It’s the fifth time our employees gave blood in Warsaw blood donation centers. We strongly believe that our blood will save lives.

This activity has already became a permanent fixture in the company’s culture. We would like to encourage everybody to donate blood!





XV POASCO Meeting 2016

Specialists and representatives of medical science related to oncology and radiotherapy gathered on the first weekend of July in the seat of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra in Gdansk. The PoASCO conference is a recurring educational science event, the aim of which is to promote knowledge on the most significant scientific achievements within oncology. During the two-day meeting many important issues were discussed, and the lectures focused i.e. on: the biology of cancer and new treatment, gastrointestinal cancer, gynaecologic cancers, head and neck cancers as well as the lung carcinoma. As a distributor of oncology medication, Komtur Polska participated as well in the conference, which aroused great interested among the Polish oncology profession.





XIV International Conference on Rare Diseases: “Rare diseases - our duty”

The XIV International Conference on Rare Diseases, organised by the Association of Mucopolysaccharidosis and Rare Diseases Patients, supported by the Federation of Patients from Central and Eastern Europe, under the title of: “Rare diseases - our duty” was held in Białobrzegi near Warsaw between 1st - 3rd July 2016. The aim of the conference was to spread the knowledge about rare diseases as well as to draw attention to the specific needs of people suffering from a chronic condition. The conference was attended by notable Polish and foreign researchers in the area of rare diseases, metabolic disorder specialists, geneticists, neurologists, cardiologists as well as presidents of patients associations in Poland and abroad and experts on the national health service. The team of Komtur Polska participated as well in the event, which enjoyed great popularity within the community acting for the benefit of patient with rare diseases.





Acknowledgements for Komtur Polska!

The cooperation with Komtur Polska is appreciated also by our contractors. As a recognition for our long-standing and solid cooperation we have received special thanks from our partner, the company PTC Therapeutics.

We are pleased to share this distinction with you, especially since this success has been worked out together with our customers.





Forbes Diamonds 2016

The work and efforts of Komtur Polska have been acknowledged and rewarded during the ceremony of the FORBES-Diamonds 2016, which held place in the Primate’s Palace in Warsaw on 8th June 2016. Among the winners of the Forbes list we were ranked 15 in the category of the biggest companies from Mazovia and 44 nationwide.

The Forbes ranking list is built basing on the sales volume, net profit, value of assets, liabilities and capital expenditures in the last three years. The aim of the competition is to distinguish companies increasing their value most dynamically.

The Forbes recognition received for the dynamic development of Komtur means for us that the business actions we have been taking show positive results. The consistency und effectiveness of our decisions pays off in form of a stable growth and strengthening our brand in Poland as well as abroad. The dynamic of Komtur is growing constantly, along with permanent investments in our employees and company: the new seat of Komtur’s Polish subsidiary will become one of the most modern and ecologic buildings in Poland. We are happy that our efforts have been appreciated and that we could have joined the circle of winners of Forbes Diamonds 2016.

The managing director of Komtur Polska, Paweł Woźniak, collected the prize on behalf of the company’s managing board.




ECFS Conference (The European Cystic Fibrosis Society)

8th-11th of July 2016, Basel

39th meeting for international community of physicians and researchers engaged in the improvement of quality of life and treatment in patients with cystic fibrosis. The aim of the conference is to promote high quality of scientific research, education and patient care. The presence of our representatives offers an ideal opportunity to share the knowledge and establish new ways of cooperation. We highly recommend the participation in the event.

The detailed agenda can be found under the following link:





34th Days of Hospital Pharmacy PTFarm

5th-8th of June 2016, Mikołajki

The Days of Hospital Pharmacy attract every year numerous representatives of hospital pharmacies and pharmaceutical communities.

This has always been a major position in our conference calendar, and this year the team of Komtur Polska will be there as well. We would like to encourage you to visit our stand and share your experience and comments.

The detailed agenda of the conference can be found on the website of the Polish Pharmaceutical Association:





ECRD Conference                                                                                                          

26th-28th of May 2016, Edinburgh

Between 26th and 28th of May Edinburgh will be the place to host renown specialists for rare diseases and orphan products. It’s been already the 8th edition of the constantly developing and widely acknowledged conference. It is also a unique opportunity to meet and exchange know-how and share information within the area of rare diseases. Our representatives will be present at the event, and we would like to encourage everybody to participate in the conference.

Detailed information can be found under the following link:  





34. Lung Diseases Association Congress

7th-10th of May 2016, Wisła

The Polish Lung Diseases Association is organizing for the 34th time the annual pulmonology conference, this time located in Wisła. The meeting is targeted towards pneumonologists, allergologists, specialists for internal medicine and GP’s. The agenda will be focused on the diseases related to respiratory system as well as the comorbidities. Komtur will be present at the event, and we would like to encourage you to meet with us and share your experience.

Detailed information can be found under the following link:





BioForum 2016

From 9th to 10th of May the Central Europe Biotechnology and Biobusiness Fair - Bioforum - will be held in Łódź. It is the major event in biotechnology in Central Europe, organized by the Bio-Tech Consulting. The main goal of BioForum is to support the development of innovative small and medium enterprises from life science sector in Central and Eastern Europe. As every year, Komtur actively participates in the fair, and we would like to encourage everybody to visit our stand and exchange informations during B2B sessions.

Detailed information as well as the agenda of the fair can be found under the following link:





Inauguration of an investment

We are pleased to inform that the construction works of Komtur’s new headoffice have been started.

Last week with the symbolic “groundbreaking”  the new investment - one of the most ecological and technically advanced buidlings in Poland - was inaugurated. The new seat includes office space as well as warehouse function. Only 18% of the one hectare area will be covered by the buildings. A water pond dedicated for land irrigation will be also placed on the plot. Within the solar photovoltaics system 80% of the energy consumption will be covered by the building itself. This will be topped by the low CO2 emission. The new seat of Komtur Polska will reflect the company’s innovative strategy, combining effectiveness, sustained development as well as environmental protection.

The location of the new building (close to the Expressway S2 and Frederic Chopin Airport) should enable even higher supply chain efficiency. The Komutr’s relocation to the new office is scheduled for autumn 2017.




Happy Easter!

Wishing all our customers and contractors warm and peaceful Happy Easter, filled with serenity and kindness as well as lots of joy and satisfaction in professional and private life.


The Team of Komtur Polska 





Press breakfast STRATERA MED.

On 10th March 2016 morning, a press breakfast organized by the employers’ association STRATERA MED. was held in PureSky Club in Warsaw. The agenda included the elaboration of a survey analyzing the impact of the founding entities on the market liquidity of subordinate hospitals. Besides the members of STRATERA MED, counsel Monika Małowiecka from the Association of Polish Districts also took part in the briefing.

The issue raised and discussed during the meeting regarded the way in which the founding entities (ministries, universities, provinces, districts and communes) care about the financial condition of the subordinate hospitals and in which way do they influence the payment security of clinics, and indirectly also of their partners, that is the suppliers.

Both the Employer’s Association STRATERA MED. as well as the Association of Polish Districts agreed upon the need of awareness building related to solution improving market liquidity as well as the relevant education of hospitals and founding entities.





World Day of Rare Diseases

The World Day of Rare Diseases was celebrated for the sixth time in Poland on 29th February 2016, symbolically, as it is the most rarely occuring calendar day. It is an annual celebration of more than 350 millions people worldwide affected with rare diseases. We were pleased to become a partner to the event.

The celebration created an opportunity to meet together with many representatives of patients’ and experts’ organisations, including the Deputy Minister of Health Krzysztof Łanda. The main subject of the meeting was the National Plan for Rare Diseases, to be created this year. The Minister announced launching of the Rare Diseases Team. The team’s task will be to deliver the National Plan for the Treatment of Rare Diseases, regulating such issues as: access to orphan drugs, rare disease register, reference centers as well as the issues beyond the competences of the Ministry of Health (social care).

During the conference, the following people were appointed to the team: Krzysztof Michałkiewicz, Government Plenipotentiary for Disabled Persons, prof. Jolanta Sykut-Cegielska from the Institute for Mother and Child, National Consultant for Metabolic Pediatrics, prof. Mirosław Walczak, National Consultant for Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetology, Mirosław Zieliński, President of OPRHAN - the National Forum for the Treatment of Rare Diseases, Stanisław Maćkowiak, President of the Ars Vivendi Association, Andrzej Jacyna, Deputy President and Medical Officer of the National Health Service, Ph.D. Daniel Rutkowski, NHS Service and Healthcare Manager, Ph.D. Wojciech Matusewicz, President of the Medical Technology Assesment and Tarification Agency, as well as Elżbieta Matejka, Manager of the Department for Increasing Education Opportunities in the Ministry of National Education The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy will be invited to participate in the project as well.





Forbes Diaments -  Komtur Polska in the 15 position

We are pleased to inform that our company was ranked 15 in the prestigious Diament Forbes 2016 list of Masovian Province companies and 44 nationwide. Forbes Magazine announces every year the so called Diamond list, ranking the companies that have increased their company value most dynamically during the last three years. Financial results as well as the asset value have been taken into account for the purpose of developing the ranking list.

The complete ranking list can be found in the supplement to the February release of the Forbes magazine (No. 2/2016) as well as on the magazine’s website under the link:,kategoria,1798,1.html




We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!


Team Komtur Polska




X Conference of The Polish Pharmaceutical Society -   Section of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition

13th - 14th, Nov, 2015, Warsaw


We’d like to invite you to participate in yet another conference and workshop, organised by the Polish Pharmaceutical Society, on the topic of „The Pharmacist on the Nutrition Team”. The meeting takes place at Radisson Hotel, in Warsaw, 24 Grzybowska Str. on 13th and 14th of November. The Conference is for practitioners, enthusiasts of nutritional therapy, nurses, and dieticians. The Programme and additional information may be found here.





Ranking 2000 – summary of the year 2014

We would like to proudly inform you that Komtur Polska has been positioned as 751st in the ranking, prepared by „Rzeczpospolita” daily. That is a major improvement in comparison to the former year, when our company was placed on the 914th rank. The list presents 2000 major Polish companies and exporters where criteria include, among others -, the sales income, the dynamics of the income, depreciation, and assets. As can be read in Rzeczpospolita: „The lead still comprises of the national huge companies, the quickest to evolve are the Polish private capital ones while the most profitable are the foreign entities”. The full article may be bought on the magazine’s website.



World Orphan Drug Congress

12-13.11.2015, Geneva

For last six years, Geneva has been hosting one of the most important world meetings on rare diseases and orphan drugs, specialistic and innovative. For Komtur Polska, the market leader in orphan drugs for Middle-Eastern Europe, it is an imperative to attend. And that is why for the forth time, we’d like to invite you to meet with us during the Congress in Geneva. The agenda includes, among others, the matters of pricing and refunds, commercialisation,  new possibilities for cooperation and most up-to-date research in rare diseases.

More information you can find here.




XVI National Meeting of Pharmacy Oncology/ XVI Ogólnopolskie Spotkanie Farmacji Onkologicznej

18-20 October 2015, Toruń

The annual scientific and training conference devoted to the most important issues related to oncology, this time held in Torun. We invite you to the Hotel Copernicus a joint debate, exchange of contacts and visit the stand of Komtur Poland.




The Second National HAE Conference

03-04, Oct, 2015, Warsaw

We would like to invite you to participate in the jubilee conference organised by the Polish Association for Hereditary Angioedema „Pięknie Puchnę.” It will be held at Mercure Hotel, Warsaw, during the first weekend of October. This two-day international meeting provides perfect opportunities for not only an exchange of experience and views but also for  establishing contacts that remain the key to development of research and science in this field. More information: .




Komtur Polska’s 10th Anniversary!!!

We have been here for you for ten years already!

Komtur Polska as a specialised pharmaceutical company was registered in Poland in 2004. Our beginnings meant an office that had only one room and two employees. Shortly after that, we opened a new office at Puławska, Warsaw, that was quickly enlarged to a warehouse area. In September 2005 we received the permission to run a pharmaceutical warehouse and we sold our first box of medicine. In 2015 we opened a new warehouse area, dedicated to products for special nutritional purposes. We are currently working on raising one of the most innovative and most ecological buildings in Poland - our new head office.   

Within those ten years, we have cooperated with the biggest drug producers in the world: Celgene, Actelion Pharmaceuticals, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Orphan Europe, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, Shire HGT, Medac, Lipomed, Riemser Arzneimittel, Roche, MSD , Novartis, Pfizer, Alexion, Vertex, PTC Therapeutics, Johnson & Johnson, among others.

We would like to thank all our clients and partners for those wonderful 10 years.

If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be so successful every day!



Changes within the pharmaceutical regulations 

Amendments to the act

Due to the amendment of the pharmaceutical law that has entered into force on 12th, Jul, 2015 (Journal of Laws, 11th, Jun, 2015, pos. 788), we’d like to inform that:

  • all orders placed by Komtur Polska Ltd. clients are to be sent solely in written form by fax (0048225440950) or e-mail in the form of a pdf attachment to:  zamówienia(at)
  • all refusals to orders on medicinal products, named in art. 23a, para. 1, p. 2-5, foods for special nutritional purposes and medical devices, together with the justification, will be sent in written form via email.


ECFS Conference

Brussels, 10-13th, June, 2015

The conference, organised by the European Cystic Fibrosis Society is a unique possibility to meet the international society of clinical and research specialists devoted to prolonging the survivability and improving the quality of life of those with cystic fibrosis. We’d like to invite you to this conference and to a discussion with Komtur Polska on promoting the high quality of research, education, and care.


XXXIII Dni Farmacji Szpitalnej/ Hospital Pharmacy Days

Wisła, 24-27th, May, 2015

As every year, the team of Komtur Polska pharmacists and representatives is to take part in the conference organised during the XXXII Dni Farmacji Szpitalnej (Hospital Pharmacy Days). We’d like to invite you to visit our stand as well as to see the presentation on our company. 



Wrocław, 20-21th, May, 2015

It is for the fifth time that Komtur Polska takes part in the pharmaceutical fair, BioForum — the core for innovative bio-business that integrates the entrepreneurs operating within the biotechnological and pharmaceutical fields together with research scientists. We invite you to participate in the B2B meetings, to contact our representatives, and find out more about our new offer.


New warehouse area

We are happy to inform you that since Mon, 16th, March, 2015 a new warehouse at 18A Mazura Str. has become available (near the S8, S2 route and the Chopin Airport). The warehouse is dedicated to particular purpose foods (diets, milks). We hope that the actions undertaken by us will improve our cooperation and fulfil your expectations towards our company.

We’d like to invite you for a virtual walk around the warehouse.

We also encourage you to have a look at how to get to us:





























































Warehouse opening hours:

9:00 – 15:00

Contact person:

Paweł Ładzikowski

tel. 609 330 335